This weeks Rock Adventures

20070512 What a saturday! Picked Matt up around 9:30, and headed for an indoor rock climbing centre the other side of Canberra. After spending the morning the 3 of us indoor climbing, we headed back to the Thomas’s for Lunch, and to do some research of some good rocks around Canberra. Finding that there are […]


Ok, so today has been interesting. I stirred the pot good in #youth on scoutlink, getting my self banned, even though I broke not a single rule. Of course, #youth has lots of immature young ops… In general, my mood with scoutlink atm is very sour, probably cause they run a service that while has […]


Don’t ask me why I’m writing, I just am. Lets see, I finished the movie/DVD for the primary school, for the graduation. Hmmm, I already wrote about diving. Oh, I now do ‘nightly’ builds of Gajim, for Debian, i386 and amd64 archs, upload (via slow dialup) to the repository situated at just add ‘deb […]