I left school, and at the same time, I used that to ‘leave’ my friends. Plain and simple, once I was released from the bounds of school, I was able to escape the group of ‘friends’ that had developed over the previous 5 years. Why? So I could choose my friends. My group of friends, […]


Ok, so today has been interesting. I stirred the pot good in #youth on scoutlink, getting my self banned, even though I broke not a single rule. Of course, #youth has lots of immature young ops… In general, my mood with scoutlink atm is very sour, probably cause they run a service that while has […]

Quick Update

Ok, so I should put a nice long update in. But I guess I just won’t yet… Quick update, lots of work atm, I’m planning to hike the whole Bibbulmun track soon, I bought the maps today for it, I’m slowly buying stuff for it, I’m planning a week of hiking with Mem doing some […]