Road Trip

As I prepare to jump from one extreme to another, from North QLD to Southern WA, I finish a 3 week roadtrip with a 19hr drive. Townsville to Forest Hill, with 1.5hrs worth of sleep and naps, and 2 hours of L plate driving, the rest being down to me. And now I can’t sleep […]


Ok, a quick update. This week on Tuesday we visited “The Rock” again and did some more abseiling. We managed a 40m cliff!! Thats 13 stories high!! Then between Orange and Forbes we stopped at some caves, and found a 30m overhang! That was awesome! Also, due to lack of internet and laptop, my emails […]

This weeks Rock Adventures

20070512 What a saturday! Picked Matt up around 9:30, and headed for an indoor rock climbing centre the other side of Canberra. After spending the morning the 3 of us indoor climbing, we headed back to the Thomas’s for Lunch, and to do some research of some good rocks around Canberra. Finding that there are […]

Height Lessons

2 entries here, I didn’t manage to get internet access, so you can have them all at once 20070506 Learning the climbing lessons the hard way. Having a nice quite and short drive today, we had already decided that if we saw good rocks for climbing that we could get to, then we would head […]

More Updates – Climbing

What an interesting day. Probably due to our massive weekend, climbing Glen Rock, and then on sunday climbing Table Top, we slept through my alarm. I don’t think the fact I had only had 4 hrs sleep or so Saturday night helped. 6am I woke up, realised it was 6 and time to be at […]