Road Trip

As I prepare to jump from one extreme to another, from North QLD to Southern WA, I finish a 3 week roadtrip with a 19hr drive. Townsville to Forest Hill, with 1.5hrs worth of sleep and naps, and 2 hours of L plate driving, the rest being down to me. And now I can’t sleep […]

Going, Going, ____!

For anyone around me atm, it’s obviously that while I’ve done heaps of prep for this hike, there is so much more still to do! Food looks like it’s going to be good for the first stretch. I’m most likely not taking my Hammock, and my bag is looking very full, and it’s only got […]

My Holiday!

**Whooo!!** What an Awesome holiday! 😀 It was so relaxing, and other than a few problems, was exactly what a holiday should be, a good, fun, relaxing time spent with friends! ### The trip down A ‘quick’ drive down the freeway, and I arrived at my Aunty’s in Mandurah. Picked up some toys and stuff […]