Using your Gifts

Ok, just a quick challenge. We have been challeged to use our gifts for the Glory of God, to spread His word. I’m a little stuck for ideas of how to use my gifts in technology, in particular computers, and making them do what ever I want! Let me know if you have any ideas […]

Covering the world

From east to west, north to south, we go out to all the corners of the earth. I’ve been east, and now I’m heading west to South Africa. We are south, and now Sara is heading North to Cambodia. We are slowly covering the 4 corners of the earth, in the name of God.

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Flying to Perth

I arrive back in Perth tonight (Saturday). I don’t want to go back to Perth. I want to stay in QLD. I am flying back to work on a farm in Ravensthorpe for a few weeks. Sara is following Christmas night.

Full Time Job Offer

Wow! I’ve finally been offered a full time job! Except, this is the same job, I was offered late 2004…. *KFC* I think the answer is most certainly, probably, going to be **NO** Sorry KFC, you just can’t pay me enough, treat me properly, or provide the hours I wanted.