ASUS P5KPL-AM-PS Won’t Power On

I recently built a computer for a client using the ASUS P5KPL motherboard. Strange issue, the motherboard LED was on, but I couldn’t get it to power on! Until I found the following site, and read the last post.

I rechecked the power, reset, and led connectors against the screen print on the mainboard and all looked correct, but then I noticed it also says USB56 next to that set of connectors.

The printing on the mainboard is very misleading, the connection diagram for hdd, power and reset is right next to a similarly pinned USB connector. Make sure you are using the connectors labelled F_PANEL not the USB56 connector.

I went back to the motherboard, and webber75 was correct! The labelling for the Front panel connectors, is UNDER the USB connection! Quickly fixed, and we had power again!! Unfortunately, the motherboard is still playing up, so it’s still not 100%, but for anyone else having problems getting an ASUS P5KPL motherboard to boot or power on, check which connections  you have plugged the front panel wires into!

5 thoughts on “ASUS P5KPL-AM-PS Won’t Power On

  1. I use IDE drives.. no SATA.. 40GB Matser.. CD-RW/DVD-R combo Slave(the board has only 1 channel for IDE).. now the problem is dat i cant boot from either.. The windows at booting.. and bootable disks are not detected… plz help me..

  2. I had a similar problem with this board.
    Eventually I found that for some reason there was a fault in the internal USB connector.
    When I removed both USB connectors from the board it started up fine.
    You can see as soon as you plug onto either USB connector the green light on the actual board dims – that was the clue!

  3. Hi,

    I also did the same mistake when I realized later that the connector markings were wrong. But the MB gives some issue with WIndows XP. Antivirus softwares (Norton, Avira, Avast) does not get installed properly or system will crash (not tired other antiviruses). System re-boots instantly without warning. Some windows CD shows up a “PCI.SYS” blue screen error and won’t install at all. Mozila firefox crashes off and on. Now i am running without antivirus. I am sick with this motherboard. God help!

  4. i had problem whit one of about 30 pc i assemble using this MB(P5KPL-AM)…..The power cannot bee on after some month..MB LED is on……all connection is in right….i sent back to supplier…and buy another one to replace that problem MB….after some month the problem is caming back..i trying used other cpu,fan, psu and ram but olso negative….I’m also disconnect all drive from MB at this condition….

    the solution in this maybe can bee true for native pc’s assembler….who cannot read carefully the MB full manual…

    but not enough to cover and close this problem…. maybe 1 over 30 is less then 10%,but it show how bad quality control on this MB…or someone can some idea how it can bee happen…

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