Storms and Flooding

So as most of you would be aware, we have some serious storms over here in SE QLD. I know a lot of damage from last night was in ipswich out towards gatton, close to where Sara lives. Sara and her family are ok.
Last night Jonny and i had the boys out on survival, but due to the weather, we’ve had them camping in emu creek hall. We had an amazing lightning display before bed, and not too long after people started falling asleep, the loudest bang we’ve ever heard, with the whole building shaking. Presumably a very close lightning strike. After a night of very heavy rain, we’ve packed up and cleaned up ready to return to Mt Binga. At 8:30 we attempted to do call in to check pickup time, and discovered the phones at base not working properly. We’d already discovered the nextg network isn’t working this morning. Attempting to raise base on the UHF radio got through to Steve in the ute, attempting to get out to the hall. Turns out a number of creeks are flowing very fast and flooding the roads. So currently we are sitting at the hall waiting to be picked up when steve finally finds a way through. ETA is probably lunch time.
So to recap, we are safe and unhurt. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. Keep praying for everyone over here, it’s been a pretty wild storm.
God bless

p.s. Sara and i have registered our domain and will soon be launching our site. It’ll be a website, photos and blog, so this blog will go back to being a technical blog. We’ll let you know more details when it happens, and if you are subscribed to the emails, we’ll unsubscribe you from here and start a new subscription on the new blog.