Doors Open…

The doors have been opened.

I know it’s been a very long time since an update email, so this is long overdue. Since my last updates, my laptop had died in Singapore, I had arrived back in Perth, I went to work on the farm, my laptop was fixed, my Digital SLR was fixed, I had a 21st, I flew to Brisbane, I registered for Centerlinks New Start allowance, I turned 21, and I was finally reunited with Sara. Yep, lots happened.

I’ve been in QLD for just over 2 weeks now, and while at Church on Sunday morning, listening to the rapper Burning Bush preach, I just knew that I had to head out to Googa Outdoor Education Camp, where my mate Clancy is working. We had planned on heading down Thursday and Friday of this week, but on Sunday I knew we had to go that day. I had already sent them my resume in case they had work. So Sara, Jess and I packed an overnight bag, some food and lots of warm blankets and headed out past Blackbutt to Googa. Then yesterday morning after a sleep in (for once), we had gotten up and started cooking pasta for breakfast when Clancy hailed me on the 2 way telling me that another campsite down the road had a position open. So I drove around to the office, and called the other campsite, and organised an interview for that afternoon. A 1/2 hour drive down the road and you arrive at the Mt Binga Immanuel Lutheran College Campus. After an interview, a chat and a tour, we headed off with a promise of a call after they had talked to the Principal. And while on the 2 hour drive home, the call came with a 1 month initial contract, and then if all works out, the rest of the year!!

Basically, one of the girls working there had a motorbike accident some time back, and had a knee surgery, yesterday morning Mt Binga found out that she wouldn’t be good to work again till after December as she needed a second surgery now. And why was I down there anyway? Because I just knew I had to go out to Googa earlier than we had originally planned! God is good. I head down tomorrow morning.

It’s exactly what I wanted, youth work, outdoors, Christian environment. And God opened the doors as needed. The only down side, I hardly get to see Sara, and she leaves in 3 weeks. Sara’s door was opened a few weeks back with her acceptance in to a School Of Frontier Missions in Taiwan, and she’ll be leaving Mid September. It’s a bummer that having been apart so much this year, Sara and I are going to be apart again sooner than we had thought. But God knows what he is doing, he opened these doors, and closed others. He has provided for us, and thankfully we’ve had the last few weeks together. Hopefully we’ll be together for Christmas, whether that’s in Cambodia or Brisbane. (Cambodia would be nice, especially if Jess is over there, and Susie comes too). It’s in God’s hands, he will provide as we need.

Anyway, I’ve got a lot to sort out now, as I leave tomorrow and need to pack my stuff, and go buy some stuff for my new room. (It’s gonna be cold!) Please keep my work in prayers, and Sara’s school in prayers too. She is still trusting for school fee’s, and support money while there.

Once again, thanks to everyone who has supported us in prayers and finances. Also, I am attempting to send some support money to a student in South Africa that did her DTS with me. If anyone wishes to help support her too, please ether contact me or my dad.

God Bless