Arrived & Phones

Ok, so I’m safely back in Australia, at my parents. Unfortunately, my laptop has gone on the blink again, but luckily I’m home now, so can finally sort it out. And, I have a phone again!! Can you please email me (use the contact form if you need to) your phone numbers, as most of them where in my phone that is dead.

Tomorrow I’ll be starting to sort out my laptop, camera and dentist. Thanks for everything! Thanks for all your prayer and support.

God Bless


One thought on “Arrived & Phones

  1. Great to hear your home.
    It will be soooo good to hear your reflections on dts & on God’s direction for the chapter in your journey with Him. Have a blessed reunion with your family & friends. God bless you, Tim.
    To God be the glory!!
    Love & blessings

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