Well, we are finally here. After some delays, a missed bus, and a trip to Pretoria, we have arrived and are safe. We arrived Tuesday afternoon, and Wednesday and yesterday we have been digging a large water tank. It will hold about 20,000L when finished. Today is our off day, and we are in Manzini, the big city. Tomorrow we get to meet the chief of the area we are staying in. I’ll try and give a more exact area later, as you can’t really find it on a map anyway.

Our accommodation is basic, we have an electric light in the kitchen, and that’s it. 2 long drops, 2 bucket showers, and Rondaval huts to sleep in. The office has electricity for charging phones, but I don’t bother as I don’t even have a SIM card for over here. If you need to get in contact with us in an emergency, Joao’s swazi number is 630-2528, you’ll need to work out the dialing prefix’s, and the area code is probably 8, but I’m not 100% sure.

Raymond caught up with us last night, so our team is almost complete, with just Elicia still in Durban. We appear to be having more problems with her passport, so it’s unsure when she’ll be able to catch up with us. Hopefully in Mozambique, in 2 weeks time. (It took Raymond many hours, and 4 bus/taxi’s to get to us yesterday, very difficult).

Some current prayer points.

  • Finances, it cost us more to get here than expected, due to a missed bus…
  • Unity in the team, including Elicia while she is physically separated from the team
  • Strength and Energy, due to digging a very large hole
  • Health, in particular as we have long drops, limited showering facilities, and a very very small and basic kitchen. Also, health in regards to mosquitoes, while they shouldn’t be a problem here, they are a danger in Mozambique.
  • Also, unity in the team, as there is some “sharping” happening, with some team members rubbing against each other.

I’ve also had no contact with Sara for about a week now, and it’s tough. Something was wrong with her phone last weekend, and as I said, we have limited communications where we are staying. I notice she posted this morning, but as of yet, we’ve not had communications, so yer, please pray for that too, just for strength during this time of being apart.

Also, I have the bank details for the orphanage now, so when I get enough donations for the orphanage, I will send off the money. Aaron got in contact with me with some more details.

Our most immediate need is for track suits for the high school kids.  They are not allowed to wear anything except uniforms at school.  They have coats they can wear on the way to school but they must remove them while at school, if the clothes are not part of the accepted uniform.  The track suits cost about R300 and we have 7 kids in the high school.

So please, consider donating. Also, if God has placed it on your heart, please help support Sara’s outreach team.

Thats all for now. Thanks for all your prayer and support.

God Bless


p.s. Sara, I Love You