Quick Update

Ok, so I spoke to Sara this morning. She’s still not well, but improving. Please keep praying for her.

Last night church was pretty amazing, I recommend reading Steve’s blog as well, as he often writes about things I haven’t written about. For example, Zulu worship style. The message last night was really powerful, and spoke to me. It’s about 2 Peter 1:3, how through the Divine power of God, God Provides everything we need to live our life for God, IN RESPONSE to HIS Call for our life. If God has called you, go, answer that call, and HE WILL provide everything you need. EVERYTHING.

Anyway, we have church this morning as well, and then again this evening. It’s going to be a pretty full week. We are out at an orphanage in Loskop, at the foot of the berg (Drakensberg, the mountians). Next week though, we head to Swaziland, and even more limited communications.

Rosy is home, and today Mum and Dad leave for New Zealand.

That’s all for now. More later. As I said, read Steve’s blog as well, you may want to subscribe to it!

God Bless

Thanks for all your prayer and support

p.s. This was written 2 days ago, and hasn’t been posted till the 22nd due to difficulties with internet. Sara is much improved. Thanks for all your prayer and support.

One thought on “Quick Update

  1. Hey tim!
    Great to hear an update 🙂
    I always remember being told
    When God gives you a vision
    He’ll also give you the provision

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